2 Hearts in a Tattoo

  2 Hearts in a Tattoo 30' secs preview


Empty looks laid over hungry arms

Things unsaid fight your unbreakable hope

Mean mirrors around your house

Sticky pictures torture your mind


You’ll meet again all the ones you’ve loved

All the ones who’ve made your heart beat

All the ones who made you dance

Who made you dance out in the street


After you’ve broke your heart in two

You will meet someone new

That will take good care of you

Like 2 hearts in a tattoo


You’ll hear again all the words you meant to say

The words left with your last passionate kiss

In a corner of your heart

And of the ones you loved and miss



And the snow will fall for your eyes

And cover your nightmares and bad dreams

And it will fall at night

Turning black into white


You will see your tears go far

Swept away by the first morning breeze

Or, when lucky, by the last blowin’

By the dark wind of the night coming






Music: Giorgio

Lyrics: Ivan Nossa

Drums: Steve Gadd

Percussions: Jonathan Mover

Bass: Faso

Piano: Vittorio Iuè

Keyboards: Luke Juby

Acoustic Guitar: Luca Casagrande

Electric Guitar: Mike Stern

Brass: The Brassformers (Sax: Carlo Micheli, Trumpet: Giancarlo Ciminelli, Trombone: Ambrogio Frigerio)

Backing Vocals: Ludovica Iuè - Vittorio Iuè

Lead Vocals: Giorgio

Arranged by: Vittorio Iuè

Mixed by: Mirko Cascio at Real Time Studios - Bracciano

Mastered by: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Studios - New York City


Copyright 2009 Lettera "A" srl - Edizioni Musicali e Discografiche