This website is an "iKev Multimedia Creation" work blending all the amazing work done by each team, from the "Album Cover team" to the "Video team". Like the project is, the teams are made of the best international creators from France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland ...


Kevin Calleau - Art Director






In charge of all the multimedia and graphic work, and responsible of all the teams cited below.

"I'm a independent Multimedia Producer, and I gave 200% of myself in this project. I'm the tailor, behind the suit of thit record, the digipack, the collector box, all graphics, web, video and multimedia related stuff. And that was a TRUE PLEASURE to work on it. I really hope you'll like it."

Visit his website - Contact



WebDesign Team






"These guys did a wonderful job. I hope you'll love this website, a 100% hand-made unique CMS. We are proud of it."


- Web Designer : Anthony Cecchetto - Visit him

- Web Developer : Daniel Chalsèche - Visit him


Special thanks to : Sebastien Crocquesel and Mickaël Carlavan for their help in optimizing the code !


 WebDesign Team






"When you'll see the album you'll know that it is not only about the music. These guys are great talents and they did some amazing stuff for the graphics !"


- Graphic Designer : William Duplaa - Visit him

- Illustrator : Cécile Pinceau

- Illustrator for "Black Coffee and a Friend" Single : Nattif - Visit him


 WebDesign Team






"We are teasing you every week ! Do you enjoy ?"


- Video Editor : Ronan Dabirand

- Video Editor : Lucie Marmiesse

- Video Editor : Pierrick Cadot

Special thanks to : Julie Musset and Quentin Zalio for their help in shooting some of the videos for the DVD.