Giorgio Onorato Aquilani (born in Tarqunia on March 8th 1983) is Marketing Director in his family firm, F.lli Aquilani srl. Grown up with an unstoppable passion for music, he always found time and space to live it both as a fan and an artist. His music influences do belong to a wide variety of genres, starting from black music, west coast rock to brit pop. Giorgio has been working together with his lyric partner Ivan Nossa for a very long time starting to write and publish their first material on way back on year 2000. Since then, the lucky duo released 2 albums and a single project called IV TOTO which toured the world. 



Giorgio and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio is the "puppet-master" behind the Party Of The Century project. The lil dreamer that concepted the whole idea, bringing music to a 2.0 level frontier. Giorgio's lucky meeting with the co-producer Vittorio Iuè brought to life a wonderful personal friendship that slowly developed into a winning working team collaboration. 

Giorgio wrote down all the music for Party Of The Century with the help of his white grand piano, sitting in front of Ivan's lyrics. After he got all the track written down, Giorgio realized the material was too good not too try creating a very special surrounding for it.

There came the Party idea...

Concepting an album as a big country mansion where to throw a legendary party. When planning a party, the thing you take the very best care of is surely the guest list. So Giorgio took care about sending out his invitations to his special music friends as to people he's been adoring and admiring since he was a little kid... He got an incredible number of "yes" and people stepping into his Party brought a lil part of what they could do better.

So after the pre-production was completed in summer 2008, Giorgio started traveling all around the world reaching his friends and replacing midi instruments with real ones by the best music legends alive!

Party Of The Century is today far above Giorgio's first expectations... and that's because it worked... it's been contagious to people who wanted to play on it, to work on it, on hopefully to each one of you willing to dig this incredible story.



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