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Peter Erskine has played drums since the age of 4 and is known for his versatility and love of working in different musical contexts. He appears on 500 albums and film scores, and has won 2 Grammy Awards plus an Honorary Doctorate. He’s played with Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson, Weather Report, Steps Ahead, Jaco Pastorius, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Diana Krall, Michael Brecker, The Yellowjackets, Pat Metheny & Gary Burton, et al, and has appeared as soloist with the London Symphony, Los Angeles, BBC and Berlin Philharmonic orchestras. Peter graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy and studied percussion with George Gaber at Indiana University. 

He is Director of Drumset Studies at USC, and is the founder/owner of Fuzzy Music.




Peter and Party Of The Century:


Giorgio and Peter first got in touch through the help of Alessandro Travi (long time Giorgio's friend). After hearing the first demos Alex spotted a couple of tracks where Peter's playing would have been perfect and suggested it to Giorgio putting the two in contact.

A very good friendship started out and when Giorgio talked to Peter about the Party Of The Century concept, he immediately showed his interest and asked to hear some of the demo material recorded for the big project.

Giorgio sent Peter two tracks and got an enthusiast reply from him, willing to play on both of them!

Time passed by and on January 2009 Giorgio and Alex took their plane to Los Angeles to start the POTC LA Sessions! What made Peter's featuring even more special was the presence of Leland Sklar who played live with Peter on one of the two tracks!

The recording took place at Peter's home studio in Santa Monica for the two tracks:

- Love After Love

- One Emotional Moment (played together with Leland Sklar).


Studio Session for POTC :



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