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Sometimes dreams can come true!

When I started working with Vittorio on the Party Of The Century concept, I could never imagine we would have gone this far. We started pre-producing all the songs in a little studio, dreaming about our music heroes to replace those humble midi tracks we were putting together.

I knew I could count on the help of some special friends, and God only knows how helpful and generous they've been to me, but on another note I could have never imagined that this caught the interest of such special people I always thought living only into cds.

Day by day we put all the bricks together and built the biggest house ever! A huge space where to organize and throw the Party Of The Century! Everyone accepted the invitation and stepped in with bringing a little part of what they can do better... and the result? Still leaves me speechless!

Almost two years spent working without a pause, days and nights to schedule recordings, studios, travels, virtual and real meetings, emails, videos, graphics, and all this, done on our own.

An incredible team of friends willing to show the world that turning dreams into reality is still possible, if you BELIEVE.

Hey... the Party is about to begin... take your seat and enjoy it as much as I did doing it. G



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                            "without their help, it wouldn't have been possible"