party of the century front cover

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No matter the reason that is bringing you here... all of the sudden you find yourself at the front door of a big house. The closer you walk, the more familiar are the sounds and voices coming from that mysterious country place. Curiosity is way too much and so you walk careful and try to give a look through the window, and... WOW!

A crowded house, looks like a party, there's a stage right in the middle of the biggest living room you've ever seen, and who's there!?!? Greg Phillinganes is chatting and laughing with Steve Gadd in a corner... John Mahon has just entered and put his coat on a great brand new percussions set. David Paich seems like interested in looking, together with Bobby Kimball and Simon Phillips, at a big oil painting which represents a vintage version of the african continent. This is just incredible, and right when you think you've seen enough, you still spot Ron Carter and Leland Sklar hugging and happy to be there for the most incredible and unusual music event ever: THE PARTY OF THE CENTURY !

It's all about the courage to ring that doorbell and enter the room... DO THAT, you're gonna be warmly welcomed, since everybody's invited!

You will be amazed to discover that it took nearly two years to put together this music adventure all around the world.

Behind each single instrument of every single song there's a travel, a time, a story and most of all... a music legend!

It took over 40 music lovers, and music legends for the most, a crazy supportive team, a 64 piece orchestra arranged and directed by Maestro Renato Serio, a lot of love and passion, some coffee (a lot, actually) and almost 2 years for the longest, biggest, craziest and best party ever thrown.

A record written and sung by Giorgio Onorato Aquilani on the lyrics of his longtime music partner Ivan Nossa, 10 original tracks + 1 cover, with the intention to bring back the real meaning of music: bringing people together and make new special friends!