Alessandra Vitali



Alessandra Vitaly took her degree in music at the Santa Cecilia Music Accademy, which is the most important italian classical music school. Alessandra spent much time playing in classical orchestra all around the world being one of the most requested classical cellists in europe. She's now working with students willing to learn Cello in a school not so far from the town she lives in.


Alessandra Vitali and Party Of The Century:

Alessandra and Giorgio have known each other for a very long time. In fact Alessandra is married to a very dear friend of Giorgio, whose brother is one of Giorgio's longtime best friends. It was the end of summer 2008 when Giorgio during a dinner together with Alessandra and friends announced his Party Of The Century plan and invited Alessandra to play on it! 

Alessandra got the invitation with much enthusiasm and she immediately broke the "classical musician" rule and few days later the two drove their way to RealTime studios in Bracciano to track Alessandra's cello on one of the most beautiful songs in the album.

At that time, Giorgio and Vittorio had just finished to record the whole POTC pre-production and when Alessandra stepped in, her instrument, has been the real one to be recorded on that track.

Alessandra Vitali recorded her POTC feature by playing cello on the track:


- One Emotional Moment


Studio Session for POTC :