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Born Alessandro Ambrosioni, his passion for music has always been a huge mark in his life. Great listener and multi-instrument player, Ambro is definitely among the most enthusiastic and full of energy people you could ever meet.

Ambro's music culture starts from the prog-rock scene and brought him to travel all over the world to follow his favorite bands on tour.

But it's not all about him! Not everybody knows that Ambro is a true Baseball Champion! He used to play it almost as a profession when he was younger!


Ambro and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio and Ambro got in touch through their common friend Leland Sklar. Sir Lee suggested the two to get in touch, sure that a great friendship would have started! And he was right!

Giorgio so got this phonecall by this funny man, while he was in New York recording with Steve Gadd! The feeling was immediate and during their long talk, Ambro asked Giorgio the reason of his USA travel!

Mr.G started to talk about the Party Of The Century and when he finished, Ambro was speechless and started asking if he could do anything to contribute to that incredible project! Giorgio was still looking for some sponsors to join and help the project and Ambro offered to give him a help with the research!

After few days Ambro succeeded in finding the missing sponsors, revealing huge friendship and professionality! Giorgio wanted to do something special to him and so one day... a phonecall...

"Ambro? This is Giorgio, warm up your thumbs... you're going to play bass on a track of the record... ah and that's not all... Steve Gadd is on drums!!!"

After few seconds of deeeeeeeep silence, Ambro took a breath, some courage and said... YES I AM DOIN IT !

With the passing of time his friendship with Giorgio became a true brotherhood and later on, that year, Giorgio phoned him again and asked if he wanted to join him in his New York Travel to Sterling Studios to master the album with Ted Jensen!!!!

That travel has been of the most remarkable moments of the Party Of The Century production... Since after the mastering, the two visited Ron Carter, Rachel Z, Mike Mainieri, Jonathan Mover and Steve Murphy to share with them the first preview of the finished mastered record!

Ambro's love for this project is among the things that made huge difference !!! and we'll never stop thanking him!

Ambro recorded his featuring on POTC by playing bass on the track:



Studio Sessions for POTC : 



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