Angelo Anastasio

angelo anastasio


Angelo Anastasio is one of the most credited musicians in the Italian area. Composer, arranger and phenomenal guitar player, Angelo collaborated with many international stars among the years, just like: Andrea Bocelli , Eros Ramazzotti, Bobby Kimball , Jim Porto, Gerardina Trovato ,Damian Dragaci, David Hungate, Marco Armani,Renato Zero, Simon Phillips, Demo Morselli, Paola Turci ,Franco Califano, David Paich, Mauro Malavasi, Leland Sklar, Celso Valli ... Composer of " Dare to live ", duet with A.Bocelli & Laura Pausini .



Angelo and Party Of The Century:

Angelo and Giorgio have been good friends for a long long time, way back to Giorgio's first music works. Their friendship took off after the collaboration on the IV TOTO adventure for whom he played and arranged electric guitars. 

Angelo's unique guitar style would have been just perfect on rock tracks written for the POTC album, that's why after finishing to write them, Giorgio immediately made Angelo's phone ringing for the Party Of The Century call!!!

Angelo Anastasio and Vittorio Iuè

Needless to say Angelo's reaction has been among the most enthusiast and supportive ones!!! He has so thrown his PRS and all the magic gear in his car and drove his way to RealTime studios where Giorgio and Vittorio were waiting for him.

Angelo played on three tracks and he's been among the first POTC sessions to be happening back in November 2008:

Black Coffee and a Friend

Nenna's Last Symphony

At My Door


Studio Session for POTC :


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