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Robert (Bobby) Troy Kimball was raised in Louisiana and started singing as a child dabbling on voice and piano in a musical household throughout his youth. During the 70s, Kimball performed as a vocalist in various New Orleans area bands starting to get noticed for his incredible vocal sound.

Bobby's career changed forever when he met David Paich and Jeff Porcaro who auditioned him to be part of a brand new band called TOTO, a band that would have soon conquered music world becoming a strong landmark in music history.

The first album TOTO was nominated at the Grammys as Best New Group. The first single - "Hold The Line", made Bobby's voice a signature of TOTO's music and launched several hits thereafter, including songs like "I'll Supply The Love", "White Sister", "Make Believe", "Africa" and, of course, "Rosanna", the song on the TOTO IV album that swept the 1983 Grammy show. The TOTO IV album was nominated for no less than 9 Grammys and the band as a whole won a total of seven of these categories.


After the fourth album and some conflicts with the band, Bobby decided to move to Europe for a few years where he kept on singing as a session musician and got some of his solo works published.

In 1998, Bobby and Toto made amends and he rejoined Toto as lead vocalist. The band then returned to the studio to record Mindfields, their first album with Bobby since 1982's Toto IV.

In 2002, Toto released a covers album Through the Looking Glass. In February 2006, Toto released Falling In Between, their first studio album of new material since 1999; however, it was announced in June 2008 that the band has broken up.

bobby kimball

Bobby is currently hosting his own website where he offers vocal advice to aspiring singers despite forming a new band called YOSO with whom he's touring and making new records.


Bobby and Party Of The Century:

Bobby is totally consider member and active part of the Aquilani family!!! His personal friendship with Giorgio started way back in 2006 when they first met at a TOTO show! 

Since then a real brotherhood started between the two! Bobby's natural attitude for beautiful things brought him a natural love for Giorgio's family firm work... He became a F.lli Aquilani fan and asked Giorgio to study together a way to bring that stuff to America... which is a work in progress happening for real!

giorgio and bobby kimball

When Bobby discovered Giorgio's music side he pushed him to improve his singing skills and wanted to listen to any demo previously recorded by his little friend!

In 2008 Giorgio organized together with GGM STUDIOS, TOTONETWORK and the whole TOTO Fans community a tribute single to the band, marking their 30th year together in music industry, asking bobby if he could make him the biggest gift by singing some shadow vocals and officialize the single called: IV TOTO !

From that crazy adventure, Giorgio started to think about making the Party Of The Century and when he explained the concept to Bobby, he immediately fell in love with it promising Giorgio his 100% support!

John Mahon, Leland Sklar, Giorgio, Bobby Kimball, Alex Travi

Giorgio didn't wait for a second before starting to write a song for a duet on POTC ! A song that would sum up the amazing era of 80's West Coast session players and when he brought it to Bobby, the grammy winner singer got immediately into it as if he already knew every note by heart!

Bobby recorded his vocals at Billy Sherwood's home studio in change of a glorious Italian dinner cooked in his home kitchen by Chefs Giorgio and Alex !!!

Giorgio Bobby Kimball Billy Sherwood Alex Travi

Despite of his active work on songs where he's featured, Bobby has always been around during the whole Party Of The Century concepting/recording/producing process with all his enthusiasm and tireless support, making of POTC a better thing day by day!

Bobby Kimball recorded his Party Of The Century feature by singing on the tracks:

At My Door (duet with Bobby Kimball)




Studio Sessions for POTC :






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