The Brassformers




The Brassformers is the most professional and funny brass trio you could ever work with! Made of, Giancarlo Ciminelli (Trumpet), Ambrogio Frigerio (Trombone) and Carlo MIcheli (Sax), they can deliver the most incredible sound to be found on any record or live show.

Their names can often be read on albums credits and TV shows all over the country and the list of great people they collaborated with is just infinite!


The Brassformers and Party Of The Century:

Vittorio has been working with the Brassformers for a very long time and when he had in mind to put some brass sections on selected tracks of the POTC album he just could not miss the chance to involve them.

It was so cool even for Giorgio! It was the first time a brass section was recording in a track of his and they had a real blast in the studio!

What makes their session one of the most important is definitely the fact it's been the very last recording session for the Party Of The Century album, right before the mixes!

The Brassformers recorded their featuring on POTC by playing on the tracks:


2 Hearts in a Tattoo

At My Door

Nenna's Last Symphony

Black Coffee and a Friend


Studio Sessions for POTC :