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Cherisse is currently playing and touring with new pop sensation MIKA (Casablanca/Universal Island UK). Mika's Album 'Life in Cartoon Motion' has done exceptionally well going straight in at number one in the UK chart going platinum in the first week and a half. His first single 'Grace Kelly' was number one in the UK and also in Europe. Mika's album was released in March in the US and Canada. With Mika, Cherisse has already appeared on major American TV shows including Good Morning America, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel. They have played festivals including South by South West, Coachella, Fuji Rock, Glastonbury and V. Cherisse has also done drum clinics with prestigious American drummer Billy Ward (Joan Osbourne, Yoko Ono, The Knack) and is also writing with ex Fader band mate Molly McQueen who will be a releasing a solo album next year.


Cherisse has been playing drums since the age of 11 by age 12 was playing in bands. From a young age she was exposed to many different types of music and was fascinated by different styles of drumming. She got her first drum kit at the age of five which was a pink Mickey Mouse drum kit given to her by her uncle - So when a drum club started up at her school in 1998 she was one of the first members!

cherisse osei party of the century

Cherisse was part of a pop/punk/rock band called The Faders from 2004-2006 signed to Polydor (Universal). The Faders released 2 singles which both charted in the UK top 20. They recorded an album – Plug In & Play, which was released in Asia. They appeared in many major television shows performing and doing interviews including TOTP, Popworld, CD:UK, Saturday Showdown etc. They also appeared in magazines and did Personal Appearances, as well as doing live performances across the UK.  In Autumn 2005 they appeared in two episodes of the Hit American TV Series ‘Veronica Mars’ filmed in San Diego and in Spring 2006 they supported Kelly Clarkson on her UK&Ireland tour. In 2006 she then toured with Swedish pop/folk/country band Calaisa (Universal Nashville). 

During the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony at the National Stadium, on September I7,Cherisse was invited to perform my recording of a specially commissioned piece by composer Philip Sheppard before an audience of 1.5 billion TV viewers.



Cherisse and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio and Cherisse in Los Angeles at the 2009 Namm Show!

While walking throughout instruments and flashing lights, Giorgio recognized Cherisse in the crowd and felt way too shy to get there and say hi (strange isn't it?) And so he didn't...

giorgio onorato aquilani, ivan nossa, cherisse osei

It was later during the day, out from the trade show that Giorgio started to regret that moment... He heard a little voice in his mind saying "if it has to happen... it will happen" .

So he re-entered the Namm Show to see if he could spot her again... After losing hope, she appeared to come across him with a friend of hers...

Giorgio took courage, stopped and said:" sorry, but I just want to shake your hand, you don't even imagine how much appreciation I have for your drumming style"... She replied with a sweet smile and smiling she said: " are you sure I am who you think???" !

giorgio onorato aquilani, cherisse osei

Giorgio started to laugh and told he knew her for playing with Mika and she started to laugh as well "yeay then it's me"!!

A fantastic personal friendship started from that very day! Giorgio asked her to be involved in Party Of The Century and she accepted showing all her love, friendship and professional music skills!

As for Charlie Morgan, Giorgio kinda "forced" Cherisse to play percussions, since at that time Giorgio had more drummers than songs!!!!

cherisse osei on the Party Of The Century Harley Davidson motorbike

Vittorio and Giorgio went to London and Cherisse recorded her featuring in a great funny session in London at Soho studios on the songs:

Nenna's Last Symphony (playing percussions)

Friends (singing lead vocals)


Studio Sessions for POTC : 



POTC Video Pill :





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  Cherisse Ofosu Osei on the Party Of The Century Harley Davidson