Fabrizio Scarafoni

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Sound engineer / record producer, Fabrizio Scarafoni is a well known studio manager and founder of RealTime Studios. He's been producing a lot of Jazz releases working with names like: Giampaolo Ascolese, Isoritmo, Jazzoline Trio. RealTime is even credited in the production of rock music for: Redhouse Blues Revue, Vibra, Veronika, Herba Belladonna, Simone Borghi and others.  

Fabrizio and Party Of The Century:

Fabrizio gave POTC a real "home" ! RealTime Studios have been the Party Of The Century headquarters and Fabrizio, together with Vittorio Iuè participated as sound engineer during the tracks pre-production and recordings (the most part of italian artists) including Giorgio's vocals.


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