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Nicola Riccardo Fasani, aka Faso, is among the most talented italian bass players. His band is called Elio e le Storie Tese and it's a major act all over the country and europe. Faso and his band are irreverent and something of a legend on the Italian music scene. Their lyrics are generally humorous and can be ‘colourful’, which is a characteristic well blent together with their incredible music skills.

Faso's unique music style has made him over the years a very credited and influential session man. His favorite bass to play is a yamaha TRB6P even though he doesn't mind going "fretless" every now and then!

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Faso and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio and Faso teamed up through the connection of their special common friend AMBRO (Alex Ambrosioni, the man who plays bass on the Friends track of POTC) !!!

Before being a fantastic music player, Faso is a great music lover and when he got to know about the imminent Party Of The Century, he didn't think twice before saying his YESSS ! 

His crazy tour schedule forced him to record in his home studio where he tracked with a Fender Jazz 4 strings bass... a legendary bass going hand in hand with a legendary drummer, Steve Gadd!


faso and ambro


Faso recorded his feature on the song:

2 Hearts in a Tattoo


Studio Sessions for POTC :  


POTC Video Pill:


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elio e le storie tese faso potc party of the century giorgio