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Ivan Nossa was born in february 1968 and lives in Treviglio, a small town in northern Italy where he runs his own business translations service firm.

Ivan's attitude to writing poems has grown over the years turning into music lyrics writing from when he met Giorgio in 2001.

Put together by their common love for Elton John's music the two started to write songs and publish their first works almost immediately. Since then their discography started to take off, as long as their productive flow that never stopped.

ivan nossa and giorgio


Ivan Nossa and Party Of The Century:

"This is not our first work together, we have written since than a lot of nice songs, some of them memorable in our memories. Party of the Century has a special place in our writing.

It comes at a stage where we are more mature and we know each other well enough to create songs that we both love. POTC contains a group of lyrics created in 6 years. They have been written in different moments and emotional states.

I would dare to call these lyrics quite mature for what could be mature for me at this stage of my life. Also the topics are rather dissimilar and they touch different themes: love, war, friendship, personal strength and growth, illness, newly born and finished relationships, death and peace of mind.

There are some lyrics that are very special to me in this album, Poem to life, Love after love and Write me. The magic is that we have been able the transform personal feelings that gave birth to these lyrics to general topics that can adapt to all listeners emotions."  


Ivan wrote all the lyrics for the Party Of The Century album except Friends 


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