Joe Gorfinkle (aka JOE G.)

Joe Gorfinkle, aka JOEG


Biography, On Joe's Words:

I saw my first National Resophonic Guitar when I was 10 or 11 years old at Frank's Music in New Rochelle, N.Y. I was impressed with the shiny finish. Around that time I got my own radio and I started listening to music on late at night. My favorite was Sam Cooke. I also listened to Country music that I could pick up and fell in love with the sound of steel guitars. At 15 I attended the Barlow school in upstate N.Y. where I started to learn about blues and folk music.

My friends John Compton and Brad Fiedel had a band and I used to jam on harp.I started playing slide guitar in open E around this time. On May 10 of 1968, I saw Jimi Hendrix at Fillmore East and my life changed permanently. When was 17, I met Johnny Winter who told me about the guitar that he and many of my blues idols played. It took until 1989 for me to get my first National, a 1931 Style O {The shiny one with the Palm Trees!}.

Around this time I did my first recording session. I ran into Banjo/Steel Guitar wizard Bill Keith at Manny's in NY and he invited me to a session he was doing at the old Hit Factory to play harp. I have no idea what the tune was or whether they even kept the track, but if I wasn't hooked before, I was then. In the last year or so , I have gotten back into playing Pedal Steel, after a 30+ year hiatus.


Did I mention my friends call me Slow Joe... ;-> By this time I had figured out that open G was the tuning for Delta stuff, and picked up a few other tunings to boot. In the interim I played electric and slide in countless local bands in the NY club scene and went to work first for a local sound company, then a music store and wound up selling professional recording gear and working for various manufacturers and engineering here & there .

Despite this , I try to keep it really simple. I've played in a variety of bands out here in LA and am now working on a project featuring my tunes. Its a synthesis of the music that has influenced me in various ways and expresses the feelings I have. Its a mixed bag, sometimes its very much in a defined style, but its always me. 



Joe G. and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio and Joe first got in touch through the TOTO - NETWORK website, for which, joes worked as maintainer and webmaster. At that time Giorgio, together with Joe and GGMSTUDIOS were preparing the IV TOTO project, basically a gift to celebrate TOTO's 30th anniversary in the music scene.

Joe showed a lot of support and contribution to the IV TOTO project, distinguishing himself with a series of funny videos based on "voice speech improvisation" with the intention to put together a worldwide promoting team!

His natural way to put together funny sentences without preparing anything, specially if you add his typical "slow motion mood", lists him among the most original and funny  men on the planet!

That's the main reason while you hear him on POTC. Giorgio did want Joe onboard and thought like it would have been too little to give him a "speech-space" in a song... Since the Party concept was on and alive, Giorgio decided to turn it into an audio-movie and have Joe being the king of the situation. So Giorgio with the magic touch of Riccardo Cimino, created around Joe's voice and INTRO and OUTRO for the record... which is definitely something that gives to POTC a better spicy taste!

Joe G. recorded his Voiceover feature in Hollywood at fantastic Slideaway studios on the tracks:




Studio Sessions for POTC : 




POTC Video Pill:



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