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John Mahon was born in Ohio, and known as a professional musician, percussionist and singer. His name became even more famous when in 1997 John was officially asked to join the Elton John band to supply percussion parts and live background vocals.

Since then, his career with Elton John never stopped, giving him many more chances to shine on his precious live and studio contributions. Over the years, John gained music respect and love from each Elton fan.

John Mahon's voice sounds quite unique throughout his whole singing range, starting from warm lower notes till reaching the highest ones (mostly used to cover Elton's lost falsetto during live shows). When writing for his own, John's style reveals influences coming from the greatest black music eras.

John and Party Of The Century:

It doesn't take a master mind to guess the reason that brought Giorgio and John's roads to cross... Giorgio has been a huge Elton fan since he was a little kid, attending more than 45 shows since 1998, owing the one and only "Music Sir" every single drop of his music spirit.

The Elton John band always had a strong influence on Giorgio's music sensitivity, we might really call it: a true devotion! A group of fantastic music players who have been making music history together with Elton over three decades. A too far land to reach, even in the deepest corner of Giorgio's dream.

Giorgio and John Mahon

Pushed by a moment of insanity, Giorgio took the courage to write a very heartfelt letter to John Mahon without even hoping for any answer. Elton and the band are onstage nearly 150 days per year not to count all the travels and other events... A schedule that hardly allows even family time!

One day while Giorgio was walking around the production area of his family firm, together with his cousin Enrico, his mobile phone made a little weird sound announcing a new unread e-mail message.

Now... after more than a month... can you just imagine Giorgio's face while reading the sender's name?

That was John!!! He read about the stellar cast appearing on the Party Of The Century project and went back to Giorgio curious to know more about that incredible project and its crazy lil Italian creator.

The two started to write to each other and finally met on january 2009 at Simon Phillips Phantom Recording Studios for the session! It took every part of Giorgio's self control to believe in what was happening! In the studio together with Leland Sklar, Simon Phillips and John Mahon... 

John Mahon, Leland Sklar, Giorgio, Bobby Kimball, Alex Travi

The session went truly great and John and Giorgio finally had the chance to spend a fantastic music day together, recording their duet, and percussion parts on two songs! 

After studio time, Bobby Kimball showed up and everybody went out for dinner! Giorgio asked John to call his wife to join for the dinner and she's been truly sweet to come and join the gang! Giorgio would have never imagined that special day would have been just the starting point for one of his most special friendships!!!

John and Pamela took the time to visit Giorgio's place during summer 2009 during a few days break from the Elton summer european tour! A relationship that proudly goes far beyond music...

Giorgio, Stefania, John Mahon, Pamela Mahon, Ornella Moretti

On Giorgio's words: "Discovering a friend, and a fantastic human being hidden behind a person I admired for so long... that's definitely among the most wonderful gifts God decided to give me, and I will always be grateful for this".

Ivan, Daniele, Stefania, John and Giorgio

John Mahon recorded his Party Of The Century feature by singing and playing percussions on the tracks:

Poem to Life (duet with John Mahon)




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