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Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Jon Button was inspired by his 4 older, musician siblings to start playing at a young age. Piano at age 4 laid the groundwork to move to string bass and bass guitar at 7. By 14 he was playing in local jazz and blues bands, symphonies and pit orchestras. In high school Jon was honored with making the All National Orchestra, All National Jazz Band, and winning a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music’s summer program for high school students. Jon then accepted a scholarship to study in the world-renowned music program at University of North Texas, where he played in their Grammy nominated top jazz band.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1994, Jon has played on numerous commercial, movie and television scores including the Emmy winning score for “Batman and Beyond,” toured with artists such as Michelle Branch, Mandy Moore and Robi Draco Rosa, and played on albums including Shelby Lynn’s “Identity Crisis” and The Corrs’ “Barrowed Heaven.” Jon recently completed touring with international pop sensation, Shakira playing well over a hundred shows for almost 2 million fans on 5 continents. He’s currently on tour with Sheryl Crow. 


Jon and Party Of The Century:

Jon Button is a pro session man player who got in touch with Giorgio right when the tireless italian guy left him a message about POTC by visiting his official website.

Jon accepted to be part of the project and sent over his featuring to Giorgio and Vittorio in January 2009!


Jon Button recorded his POTC feature on the track: 

I've Seen You


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