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Jonathan Mover is an American drummer raised in the Boston area. Mover began playing drums when he was still a teenage. His aim since he began playing has been to travel the world via touring and work as a freelance session player.

His style, which draws from a variety of influences, allows him to play with a vast array of artists, encompassing everything from rock, soul, R&B, Heavy Metal and jazz fusion, to funk, punk, rap, Hip Hop and pop.

His endless list of collaboration with international artists is a proof of his multi-genres music skills. The list includes artists like: Aretha Franklin, Fuel, Alice Cooper, Shakira, GTR, Everlast, The Tubes, Mick Jagger, Steve Howe, Peter Frampton, Oleander, Celine Dion, Elton John, Stuart Hamm, They Might Be Giants, Frank Gambale, Mike Oldfield, Steve Hackett, Marillion, Joe Satriani, Joe Lynn Turner and others.

As an engineer and/or producer, Mover has worked with Shakira, Flo Rida, Brett Scallions, Rick Ross, Fuel, Canadian rockers Carnival Divine and French guitar virtuoso Rudy Roberts among others. 

He's the owner of both the celebrated Skyline Studios in New York city and Drumhead Magazine.


Jonathan Mover and Party Of The Century:


Jonathan Mover is one of the "key men" into the Party Of The Century project's recording sessions. Mover runs Skyline Studios, where all the New York POTC sessions took place during the production!

Giorgio was sending out some email to New York Studios to track with Ron Carter on the song Love After Love. Giorgio got a reply from Mover and it's been such a weird coincidence... nothing happens casually!

giorgio and jonathan mover

Jonathan cancelled his schedule to make the studio available and Giorgio of course recognized his name as a number one musician... and at the time there was sill a track looking for a drummer to adopt it!!

Mover fell in love with the originality of the project and actually did much more than what requested, by supporting Giorgio in everything, becoming a real FRIEND.

Since then, Antonio Sanchez, Steve Gadd, Mike Stern, and Jonathan himself, did their session at Skyline! 

giorgio and jonathan mover skyline studios new york


Jonathan Mover recorded his POTC feature on drums and percussions in the track:s 

Black Coffee and a Friend

2 Hearts in a Tattoo

Write Me



POTC Video Pill:





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