Luca Casagrande



Luca Casagrande is definitely one of the most important acoustic guitar players over the country. His career brought him to play and collaborate with incredible musicians and his unique style made him win the several guitar contests all over Europe.

Great live and studio performer, Luca is even credited to be an excellent composer and producer.



Luca and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio and Luca got in touch through common friends, specially Vittorio Iuè with whom Luca worked and works a lot, both live and on tv.

Their friendship and music respect always suggested a collaboration and when Luca got to know that Vittorio and Giorgio were working on a project called Party Of The Century he asked few more infos about it, offering his art to the project.

Luca is a real talent, one of the guys that POTC couldn't really miss among the stellar cast!


Luca recorded his featuring on POTC by playing acoustic guitar on the tracks:


Write Me

2 Hearts in a Tattoo

- I've Seen You


Studio Sessions for POTC : 






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