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Primarily recognized as an award-winning jazz vibraphonist, Mike Mainieri's equally remarkable talents as producer, performer, arranger, and composer have contributed to shaping the cutting edge in music. 

As a composer, arranger and performer, Mike has contributed to over 100 gold and platinum albums. An active participant in the rock and pop scenes, Mike produced and co-wrote three albums with Carly Simon, and recorded with Paul Simon, Linda Ronstadt, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Janis Ian, James Taylor, Dire Straits, Bonnie Raitt, George Benson, and on Don McClean's classic album: American Pie.

In 1991, Mike brought to bear his vast experience with the creation of his own Jazz label NYC Records. The independent label is a vehicle for exposing new and established artists such as vocalist Luciana Souza, pianist Rachel Z, alto saxophonist Myron Walden and legendary tenor saxophonist, George Garzone. Mike is still active touring worldwide with his group Steps Ahead, guesting in workshops and various recording projects.


Mike Mainieri and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio was first introduced into Mike's art by Vittorio who's been a long time fan. Vittorio worked with Mike an album by a famous italian artist called Pino Daniele, and always brought great memories about Mike as player and gentle soul/human being.

mike mainieri and giorgio

Willing to surprise Vittorio, Giorgio tried to leave mike a message, recalling him about Vittorio and giving some details about what was going on with the Party Of The Century!

Mike revealed to be exactly how Vittorio described him... A gentle, gracious and sensitive soul. After getting more familiar with POTC and Giorgio, Mike accepted and played on one a track, making of it one of the most beautiful songs in the record.

Time passed by and when Giorgio was in New York for the record mastering session at Sterlin Sound Studios, he called Mike to see if he was available for a dinner meeting! 

giorgio, mike mainieri and stefania

Mike immediately accepted, curious to meet this crazy italian lil guy putting all this "mess" together!

After listening to the final mix of the song he played on, Mike was surprised to hear the quality of the final result and complimented with Giorgio for the work he put together. The two recorded a short video message to Vittorio and had such funny time, joking and laughing together along with Ambro and Stefania (Giorgio's wife) who were there too.

ambro and mike mainieri

Mike Mainieri recorded his POTC feature on the track:


- One Emotional Moment



POTC Video Pill:



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