Nenna's Last Symphony


  Nenna's Last Symphony 30" preview

She turned 88 yesterday

Just the day before she passed away

Nearly a century of life

Long time woman, nenna and wife


I remember like it was yesterday

When she taught me how to pray

When she whispered how to live

When it’s all a matter of take and give


Now she’s gone on a cloudy day

Under clouds that move around and play

And like a Van Gogh drawing they smile and say

Come rest with us

Please walk this way


We use to walk around her wood

Long time spent on a mysterious mood

Once she took my hand suddenly

To teach me how to face eternity


Here’s my kiss, I send it up

May it stay with you at last

And may you walk on tender grass

And keep this kiss until I pass



Music: Giorgio

Lyrics: Ivan Nossa

Drums: Cristiano Micalizzi

Percussions: Cherisse Osei

Bass: Leland Sklar

Electric Guitar: Angelo Anastasio

Acoustic Piano and B3 Organ: David Paich

Keyboards FX: Matt Still

Hammond solo: Vittorio Iuè

Brass: The Brassformers (Sax: Carlo Micheli, Trumpet: Giancarlo Ciminelli, Trombone: Ambrogio Frigerio)

Backing Vocals: Ludovica Iuè

Lead Vocals: Giorgio

Arranged by: Vittorio Iuè

Mixed by: Mirko Cascio at Real Time Studios - Bracciano

Mastered by: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Studios - New York City


Copyright 2009 Lettera "A" srl - Edizioni Musicali e Discografiche