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Guitar virtuoso Prashant Aswani just wants you to listen to the music. And as you will soon discover, his music speaks volumes for itself. 

In the studio and as a live musician, Prashant's voice on the guitar is one of a kind. Fans and fellow musicians alike seek him out in hopes of duplicating his technique and tone, but its winning combination is inimitable. Audiences are mesmerized by his unique groove and the skill, passion and spontaneity with which he plays. A guitarist of Prashant's caliber is a rare breed. 




Prashant Aswani and Party Of The Century:


Giorgio and Prashant first met at the 2008 Namm Show. Giorgio had just finished to record IV TOTO and was travelling around Los Angeles for the first time together with his brand new friend named Vittorio Iuè (at thatt time the two were becoming friends, music collaboration wasn't even being imagined)!

Between Giorgio and Prashant started a very immediate friendship and before Giorgio left LA to come back home they made a promise to each other. The next project could not miss their collaboration together.

Time passed by and exactly one year after, Giorgio was in LA recording for the Party Of The Century and found a couple of days free to take a walk around the namm show... While walking from booth to booth, all of the sudden Prashant showed up from the crowd and without loosing any time, Giorgio immediately told him about POTC !!!

Needless to say Prashant was enthusiast about the project and didn't hesitate to put his magic hands on the guitar and record his feature on the track:




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