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Riccardo Cimino's music credits have been around the professional scene for more than 20 years and still getting on  being linked to an incredible list of present and future success.

As musicians, sound designer and studio owner he delivered advertising music for brand such as: Nike, Opel, Valentino, Rai, Ford, Fiat, Nissan, Nokia, Mastercard, Sony, Renault and many more.

Riccardo is even credited as producer and arranger of many A Class music industry productions, like: "il Rosso Amore" by Filippa Giordano, where he produced the duet with Frida (Abba's singer). Riccardo's collaborations in music industry do list even: Andrea Bocelli, Elisa, Gianna Nannini and many more. Co-produced and co-arranged (other than recording and mixing) the album "Poeta Massimo", an album containing songs by Massimo Troisi and Enzo Decaro, sung by Decaro himself.

riccardo cimino studiosuoni

His list goes on over and over even on the cinema field, caring of the italian part of songs featured in movies like "Willy Wonka", "Corp's Bride", "Book & Elliot - Open Season", "Happy Feet", "Beowulf", "The Simpsons" and many more!

Riccardo definitely considered among the country's most productive music producers and engineers, working night and day in his fantastic studio placed in the center of Rome, called, Studiosuoni.



Riccardo and Party Of The Century:


Giorgio and Riccardo have been "brother friends" for a very long time! In fact Riccardo followed Giorgio's music since the very beginning, in fact the first audio recording belonging to the Italian artist, back in year 2000 took place at Studiosuoni in Rome and that's when and where a fantastic friendship was about to start.

Even though Riccardo it's not always been active part in Giorgio's career, he's always been standing by his friend's side, always ready to help and suggest the best for him. 

So when Giorgio had the chance to start working on The Party Of The Century he immediately thought Riccardo had to be involved, since that project was too great not to have Sir Cimino doing something on it!

Vittorio, Giorgio and Riccardo

Riccardo has participated in different ways and times to the POTC project, starting from the concept and sound design of the INTRO and OUTRO tracks... giving potc that little movie flavor it needed!

After that Giorgio convinced the music man to take his acoustic guitar (Riccardo is a fnatastic guitar player) and play on one of the tunes as musician and special guest.

Riccardo is even known to be a great and funny guy to hang out with, and even though he was full of work, he accepted Giorgio and Vittorio's invitation to fly with them together with Maestro Renato Serio, in Sophia, for the orchestra recording! That travel it's been one of the funniest moments in the POTC production!

Last but not least, before finishing to mix the record Giorgio asked Riccardo to sound engineer one of the most suggestive tracks of the record, placing on it an audio war simulation going together with Simon Phillips drums and Greg Phillinganes piano... Still the result, makes the track called Write Me, one of the best tunes in the record!

Riccardo Cimino is so featured on 4 tracks of Party Of The Century


Intro (as sound designer) 

Outro (as sound designer)

One Emotional Moment (Acoustic Guitar)

Write Me (as sound designer)


Studio Sessions for POTC : 


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