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Roberto Gallinelli is definitely one of the most important and requested studio / live italian session players. His unique bass style has led so much to his successful career. Among his music achievements we can count collaborations with artists such as: Nathalie Cole, Lionel Richie, Laura Pausini, Billy Cobham, Renato Zero... just to name a few.


Roberto Gallinelli and Party Of The Century:

Roberto and Giorgio have been friends for a very long time. Their long collaboration started from Giorgio early material to the success achieved with the IV TOTO single. When Giorgio told Roberto about Party Of The Century, Roberto was touring all around Italy and felt like he just couldn't miss such great project to be on. 

giorgio and roberto gallinelli

So, between a show and the other one, he drove back to Rome and recorded together with Vittorio on one of the most remarkable tracks in the album, playing together with Simon Phillips and Greg Phillinganes.

Roberto recorded his POTC feature on the track:

- Write Me


POTC Studio Session Video:



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