Scott Page

Scott Page


Scott Page is a multi-tasking musician who played with the most remarkable bands of all time during his long and successful career. Multi-instrumentalist, scott can play guita, sax, flute and other instruments with a natural taste for great melodies.

His most famous music act was being additional guitar player and saxophonist with Supertramp (during their last tour with Roger) and Pink Floyd during their 1987 record tour. During his career Scott Page also played and recorded with James Brown, Chuck Berry, Steve Miller and many others including touring with the band TOTO for their Isolation tour.  

Today Scott runs NewMBC, developing a web-based technology to change the way bands communicate with their fan base. Mashcaster is a software based tool which allows both band and fans to interact in a very new way. The pilot band for this "Beta-Phase" is Toto. He selected the band because of their large fan base and the long friendship between Toto and himself. 


Scott and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio and Scott first got in touch during the IV TOTO project period. Scott runs NEWMBC which is a software/platforms developing firm, the same one that made, the place where Giorgio and GGM Studios friends launched their lucky single.

Scott Page and Giorgio

Later on, when Giorgio had the chance to tell Scott about what was going on with the Party Of The Century, Scott showed all his amazed enthusiasm about it and accepted to be part of it! His recording session has definitely been one of the funniest moment of POTC since Giorgio and Alex were in Los Angeles and couldn't find any studio time available for when Scotty was available to play!

Scotty didn't even think twice about it and turned his office into a recording studio, set up a pro-tools control room and threw a mic into his sax along with another one stuck on a steel ladder!!!

That's definitely all about the Party Of The Century atmosphere... friendship and joy to share music, creativity, are and genuine talent!

Scott Page recorded his feature on POTC project playing a sax solo on the track:


- I've Seen You


Alex Travi, Scott Page, Giorgio


Studio Sessions for POTC :




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