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Simon Phillips is by far one of theworld's most renowned and respected drummers, whose style not onlyreflects his technical gift but also his distinct musical sensibility.Whether it is Rock, Fusion or Jazz, Simon applies the same precisionand intensity to his drumming, which is never lacking in emotion andfeel.

Simon's professional musical career began at the early age of twelve,performing and recording with his father's - Sid Phillips - Dixielandband until he turned sixteen. With an offer to play in the musicalJesus Christ Superstar, his path was marked and his career in fullbloom. Simon soon became one of London's most celebrated sessiondrummers. In his early twenties he was well on his way to having amusical career nothing short of brilliance. To date he has toured andrecorded with many bands and artists, including: Mick Jagger, The Who,Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, Peter Gabriel, Joe Satriani, Tears for Fears,Judas Priest, Roxy Music, Michael Schenker, Nik Kershaw, Phd., AlDiMeola, 801, Pete Townshend, Russ Ballard, Robert Palmer, StanleyClarke, The Pretenders, Jon Anderson, Whitesnake and Dave Gilmour... toname but a few.

In 1992 Simon decided to move to the USA, coinciding with being askedto join Toto for their world tour. He has remained a full time memberever since. After recording the Toto album "Tambu" in 1995, anotheryear of touring followed in 1996, covering Europe, Japan, SE Asia andSouth America.

In 1997 Simon took a break from Toto in order to reach a personalmilestone: He took his own band on tour, and for the first time he wasthe bandleader, and it was his music. This great year included tours ofEurope, Japan and The United States, and a performance at The North SeaJazz Festival.

1998 saw the recording of another Toto studio album entitled"Mindfields", followed by 2 years of touring around the world of whichthe live CD "Livefields" captures. The most recent Toto record "Throughthe Looking Glass" took the band in 2002/03 on extensive concert tripsto Europe and Asia.

 Expanding his career from drumming to writing solo projects, Simonrecorded his first album "Protocol" in 1988, followed by "ForceMajeure" in 1992. "Symbiosis", which he recorded in 1995, was asspirited but more inspired than ever, and showed a change of directionin the compositions. Simon likes to link his growth in songwriting andnew artistic depth to his move to the States. The 1997 record "AnotherLifetime" shows yet another layer of his tremendously resourcefulplaying and an even more motivated composing. "Out of the Blue", a livealbum, followed in 1998 and in 1999 another complete change of styletook place in his latest record "Vantage Point", which is a pure,straight ahead jazz album.

Yet another expansion to Simon's musical career is producing andengineering, which he first started back in England with Britishcomposer Mike Oldfield, working on three albums with him. Aside fromhis solo projects, Simon also co-produced Toto's "Tambu" in 1995,followed by "Mindfields" in 1998. Simon was asked to engineer thelatest Toto album, and spent a couple of months during the winter of2001/02 recording "Through the Looking Glass" in his own studio. 

In 2000 Simon took a break from Toto and recorded with DerekSherinian, formally of Dream Theater, as well as produced andengineered "Inertia". The following year included the recording ofprogressive band Planet X, "Moonbabies" and mixing a live CD "Live FromOz".

Nicknamed "Si-Phi" or "Si" by his bandmates in Toto, Simon is noted to be the group's 'technical' guru; handling the engineering duties on both the 2002 Through the Looking Glass and 2006 Falling In Between albums. He also engineered the 1999 Livefields album, and the Live in Amsterdam DVD from 2003

In 2009, Simon Phillips joined with keyboardist Philippe Saisse and bassist Pino Palladino in forming an instrumental jazz/funk rock trio: Phillips Saisse Palladino, who toured in Europe in 2009 through 2010, spotlighting the talents of each performer in the songs chosen for their set list.

Simon's sympathy to the various styles of music and his interest insound and arrangements will always drive him to expand his career. 


Simon and Party Of The Century:

Giorgio first met Simon Phillips in Tokyo, when their common friend Bobby Kimball thought like they would have been good pals! Between the two immediately started a great personal friendship, and the odd thing about it, is that they almost never talked about music when they found to be both fond of cars and races! Simon is a racing addicted!

giorgio and simon phillips

One day, after visiting Simon in Verona for a clinic, Giorgio asked him if he could reveal what was goin on with POTC and possibly ask for some suggestions. Simon gave Giorgio many important and wise advices, plus he accepted to listen to a demo track, and only if he liked it, he would have thought about playing on it...

Giorgio was frightened to have a negative feedback, since Simon is such a perfectionist... but  then he took courage and sent the demo out to his special friend...

After 5 months from that mail Simon was playing on that song in his studio! The track is a very special one on the Party Of The Century album, it's a song about war and Simon recreated the battlefield by playing a fantastic solo/feature in the middle of it.

Simon's credits on potc do not end here... He has been of relevant support as far as most part of the Los Angeles guest recordings were concerned, since he gave a huge help by helding the sessions at his own studios: Phantom Recordings... delivering the best quality Ever!

Simon Phillips recorded his feature on Party Of The Century Project, by playing drums on the song:  

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