Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd in Japan 2008: Photo by Toshimi Hatano

Steve Gadd in Japan 2008: Photo by Toshimi Hatano


Stephen Kendall Gadd (Born April 9, 1945 in Rochester, New York) is a legendary session and studio drummer. His infinite list of credits includes people just like: Sir Paul McCartney, Paul SImon, Steely Dan, Al Jarreau, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Steps Ahead, Bon Jovi and many others.

Steve Gadd and Party Of The Century:

At that time, Party Of The Century sessions were already on the go when Giorgio tried to send Dr.Gadd a shy e-mail explaining him what was going on with POTC. What seemed to be a hopeless message lost in the virtual world got a concrete and positive reply indeed!!! 

Steve Gadd showed immediately his interest  and even if his schedule is so crazy not to have 5 days free days in a row during the whole year he did love the vibe Giorgio transmitted while talking about his ambitious project.

Giorgio and Steve Gadd

Dr.Gadd called Giorgio to come in New York for a early morning session at Skyline Studios in February 2009 while he was playing with L'Image (together with Tony Levin and Mike Mainieri)!

Giorgio jumped on a plane and they spent a great music morning with the hope to please each one of the future listeners...

Steve Gadd recorded his POTC feature at Skyline Studios in New York City by playing drums on two tracks:


2 Hearts in a Tattoo



Studio Session for POTC :



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