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Steve Weingart has been carving out his place in the jazz world for the past twenty years. 

Steve’s parents recognized his gift for music when he was only three years old. Shortly thereafter, Steve had the great fortune of studying piano with the “best piano teacher in my hometown, Dayton, Ohio,” Audley Wasson. He studied everything from classical to baroque to contemporary styles. “He taught me what beauty can come from having the tools and the passion to reach the listeners' ears,” Steve said. His years of study with Mr. Wasson continued through high school.

It was during this time that Steve met Randy Ross, his future brother-in-law, and was turned on to the music of Chicago, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. He knew that music would be his life.

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Today Steve Weingart is an acclaimed jazz-funk keyboard player based in Los Angeles, California, USA, who has recorded and performed internationally with an array of well known musical artists.

Amongst many other well known musicians, Weingart has performed live and/or recorded with Chaka Khan, Steve Lukather, Frank Gambale, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Warren Hill, Simon Phillips, Tony MacAlpine, Virgil Donati, Marco Mendoza, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal, Kenny Rankin, Jimmy Earl, Ernie Watts, Alain Caron, Michael Ruff, Marilyn Scott, Jimmy Haslip, Terry Lynn Carrington, Jason Scheff, Keith Howland, Tris Imboden, John Pattituci, Bunny Brunel, Tom Brechtlein, Carlitos Del Puerto, Ray Parker Jr., Jeff Babko, Frank Briggs, Ric Fierabracci, Joey Heredia, Oskar Cartaya, Dave Hooper, Ronnie Guitterez, and Mike Miller.


Steve and Party Of The Century:

Steve and Giorgio got in touch after the IV TOTO release. They immediately become penpals and brothers united by their common love for Harley Davidson bikes! Always dreaming about a chance to do something together, when POTC came along the two didn't miss the chance to work on the uptempo beat of a very special song

steve weingart

Steve recorded his feature by playing Keyboards and FX on the track:

- Black Coffee and a Friend


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