Venice Night


  Venice Night 30" preview


Walking around in Venice one night

The stars tumbled like a cascade

And the waters sang my sweetest melody

I searched my tender heart

While no stranger’s allowed


In the core of my yellow spring

Dancing by my sweetest years

Boys and girls struggled for fun and fun

I searched my labyrinth mind

While no stranger’s allowed


And I saw

Cherry trees never blossom in my heart

For I built a castle tough and strong all around my love

But I cried out

I wanted love diving inside my soul

Deep breath I took, in the breeze

And I thank my angel for the bridges I crossed today


I looked back through the years one morn

When brick by brick and stone by stone

I wounded my back playing the big man

I searched my caring hands

While no stranger’s allowed




Music: Giorgio

Lyrics: Ivan Nossa

Orchestra arrangement and conduction: Renato Serio

Orchestra: The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra - SIF309

Lead Vocals: Giorgio

Arranged by: Renato Serio

Mixed by: Mirko Cascio at Real Time Studios - Bracciano

Mastered by: Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound Studios - New York City


Copyright 2009 Lettera "A" srl - Edizioni Musicali e Discografiche