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Pianist, arranger, composer, executive producer and audio/video editor, Vittorio Iuè was born on December 26th 1965. During his long career full of great personal and professional achievements he worked in studio, radio and tv with international and national artists.

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Vittorio and Party Of The Century:

Vittorio is, together with Giorgio the executive producer of Party Of The Century. He's the man who collected Giorgio's insane idea and pushed it much musically further! Vittorio played piano, keyboards and sung backing vocals on most of the tracks and wrote down the arrangements to all of them. 

He's been working night and day on audio sessions files that Giorgio kept on bringing him from all over the world.

Vittorio and Giorgio have been dreaming about doing something remarkable in music since the very first day they started working on the POTC pre-production. With the ambitious desire to achieve a major result from an independent point of view.

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